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Helor Grinder - Contemporary Burr


Please note this is Helor 101 Contemporary Burr version.

Welcome to Helor 101, the most precise hand coffee grinder ever. To create it, we started with a minimal design, then re-engineered inside out with the most precise and durable options we could find. Not only the body is cut from a one-piece 6000 Series aluminium block but the ultra durable and odourless Ceramic Bearings. The burrs are interchangeable and sourced from commercial machines to ensure the best grinding results in such a compact portable hand coffee grinder.

Unibody Design

Cut from one piece metal block ensures maximum accuracy.

Helor 101 is carefully crafted from 6000 Series aluminium – two holders of the roller bearings, outer burr holders and the body, from the same piece of metal – same material used in an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus*.

Using a high precision cutting machinery, the concentricity of the three holes is incredibly high. Even after long time usages, the moving parts is still maintained with low concentricity error, which is the ultimate scenario for the consistency of grinders.

The grinder is made fuss-free for assembling. Anyone can disassemble and reassemble without calibrations.

In addition to these, an aluminium alloy unibody design improves the stiffness of the entire grinder body as compared to plastic made bodies. The shape of the grinder remains even if it endures certain dropping or pressing.

Made for Consistency

Reengineering rolling bearings with ceramics.

The roller bearings are redesigned to fit a standard size bearing holders but with higher precision that shows significant reduces the bearing clearance.
Ceramics were used instead of steels thus no lubricating oil is required for the moving parts and they are completely washable. Plus, it retains the natural coffee flavour.

Made for Precision

Stepless Self-Locking Adjustment Knob

It is a known practice for baristas to make their preferred adjustments on grinding sizes.

Professionals can also use Helor 101 where the mechanism inside of the burrs is automatically locked when the grinding size is set. Our stepless design can achieve theoretically the finest* adjustment.

*The inner burr is moved 0.0417mm when the adjusting knob is turned 30 degrees.

Interchangeable Burrs

To suit your need for choices, we sourced our burrs from commercial machines to ensure your best grinding results.

There are two versions of conical burrs you can choose – a Contemporary Burr and a Conventional Burr, and they are exchangeable. A Contemporary Burr is made in Italy and is employed in commercial machines and will achieve the espresso job, while a Conventional burr is also capable of grinding fine grounds but is more compatible for home brewing.

However the differences, both burrs are great for every kind of brewing methods of your choice.


Better coffee with lesser hassle.

Brewing sessions does not have to be a workout. With an aesthetically appealing wooden grip, the crank is bent to achieve maximum results with less force applied.

What are the advantages of Helor 101 over the electric grinders on the market?

Quality control - Manual grinders like Helor 101 does not heat the beans as much as electric grinders during the grinding process as heat affects the flavour of coffee beans.

Maintenance - It is easier to clean a manual coffee grinder than an electric model.

Portability - Take Helor 101 to anywhere you'd like, it's compact and small and you won't compromise on the quality of freshness.

Durability - You don’t have to throw away the entire grinder because each individual parts are replaceable as compared to the electric grinder.

Which is a better burr between the two and which should I choose?

The conventional and contemporary burrs are comparable. Both are great at grinding all kinds of coffee from finest Turkish coffee to coarse French Press Plunger. They produce different results depending on the brewing method you use.

The conventional burr is generally more suitable for grinding coarse grounds, normally used for manual brewing methods such as Plunger, Pour Over V60 and Kalita Wave. Made of stainless steel and can be washed.
The contemporary burr can be found in commercial scenarios such as electric grinders, which usually used for coffee bars to grind fine espresso grounds. So it is better, in our opinion, in brewing espresso or percolator coffee.

What is so good about ceramic rolling bearings?

As compared to traditional stainless steel bearings, a ceramic bearing will not corrode and requires almost no oil. It has minimal friction and is more solid. The flavour of your coffee matters the most and we want to make sure your coffee is grounded without any lubricant contamination.

How should I clean the grinder? Is it washable?

We recommend cleaning the grinder with a brush. The grinder is made of aluminium alloy, stainless steel and ceramic, so there will not be unwanted residue smells on the materials itself. Gently brush down the coffee grounds on the grinder after use.

*Caution: Please note that the contemporary burr is made of complex metal materials, please DO NOT wash.

How do I adjust the grinding levels?

There are 12 dots on the bottom of the body of the grinder and one on the adjusting knob, to indicate the grinding levels. Before using the grinder for the first time, turn the knob in clockwise direction until there’s no gap between the outer burr and the inner burr. This is used as a reference point.

Depending on the brewing method you use, turning the adjusting knob anti-clockwise according to the table below. Note that you need to fix the central shaft in order to make any adjustments. All these values are just recommendations, you can always adjust the grinding sizes according to your own preferences.