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Hario Water Dripper - Clear WCD-6

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Hario's cold water dripper is as attractive as it is functional, and the yield is exceptional. The brew is low in acidity, bitterness and astringency.

Cold-brew can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-4 weeks. It's delicious served neat or over ice. Brewing with cold water preserves the delicate flavour compounds while eliminating the bitter oils and acids that are only extracted at higher temperatures. A precision metal valve controls the drip, ensuring perfect drop-by-drop percolation. Coffee flows slowly through the stainless-steel filter and into the heat-treated glass pot below. Makes up to 750ml of coffee.

A good "rule of thumb" ratio is 60 grams of coffee to one litre of water. Unit is constructed of glass and acrylic. 


  • Hario Water Dripper
  • Stainless Steel + Paper Filters


  • Hario Glass, Acrylic Frame, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 15cm wide x 46cm tall
  • Brews: Up to 750ml Cold Brew Concentrate