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Hario V60 Pour Over Stand - Black

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The Black Hario Pour Over Stand is the perfect stand for Hario’s line of V60 brewers, especially the black metal option. If you’re looking for a sleek stand to use to brew your coffee, this one will get the job done with class and style.

The stand is built out of aluminum alone, making it a light and simple device that’s easy to clean and move around. It includes no-slip pads on the base to keep it from moving around while you’re brewing and making a mess.

A silicone drip tray lines the bottom of the stand and can be removed for washing by hand in or in the dishwasher. The stand fits perfectly on top of Hario’s drip scales so you don’t have to sacrifice precision for the stand.

This stand raises your pour-over cone to a height that’s comfortable, beautiful, and efficient. You know you want to try it.


  • Black Pour Over Stand
  • Silicone Drip Tray


  • Material: Aluminum, Silicone
  • Dimensions:  W120 x D136 x H 168mm
  • Weight: 0.5kg