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Hario V60 Drip-Assist


Bringing out the best in coffee takes mastery in the art of pouring. The Hario V60 Drip Assist simplifies this crucial step by taking control of the water flow, allowing you to improve your brews and uncover new layers of flavours in your favourite coffee beans.

A collaboration with 2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata, the Hario V60 Drip-Assist is a brewing accessory designed to work with the classic Hario V60 Dripper. Inspired by the spray head found in automatic brewers, it aims to provide equal distribution of the water over the coffee grounds. 

The Drip-Assist features two hole sizes to accommodate the different water flows needed to obtain consistently good brews: the larger inner holes for pouring water for blooming and creating high turbulence flow in the middle of the brew, and the finer outer holes that create an even, gentle shower of water for the rest of the brewing process.


Creates an even, gentle flow of water - The smaller holes in the Drip-Assist’s outer ring create a gentle shower that distributes about 3.5 grams of water per second, ensuring only mild agitation of the coffee grinds below.

Regulates your pouring speed - The barrier between the inner and outer rings will guide you in regulating your pouring speed. Pouring too aggressively will cause the water from the outer ring to overflow into the central ring, directing a heavier flow of water into the coffee bed.

Eliminates the need for a gooseneck kettle - No gooseneck kettle? No problem. The Drip-Assist will take care of the water flow no matter the kind of kettle you use.

Works with the W60 too - This dome-shaped brewing accessory also fits on top of the W60.


  • 1x Hario V60
  • 1x Removable resin mesh filter


  • Materials - PCT high-temperature polyester plastic
  • Capacity - Brews 1 to 4 cups
  • Compatible Brewers – Hario V60 and W60
  • Dimensions - 109 (W) x 109 (D) x 51 (H) mm
  • Weight - approx. 100g

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