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Hario V60 2 Cup Drip Decanter

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The perfect companion for the 02 V60 dripper. Simply grind your coffee beans, brew, then lift the V60 top when ready to serve.

Made from high-quality borosilicate heat resistant glass, the V60 Drip Decanter allows the coffee to be brewed directly into your serving vessel. It's extremely durable and lightweight. The Hario V60 comes with a plastic free-standing dropper filter with the classic spiral ribs and is protected by a heat resistant, washable silicone band for extra grip and heat protection.

Brief Instructions:
Simply place a Hario V60 2 cup filter into the V60 at the top of the device and rinse with just off the boil water to remove any paper taste. Dispose of the water in the decanter from the rinse and then add medium grind coffee to the V60, begin with a bloom for 20 seconds and then begin to pour in a circular motion to ensure all the grounds are evenly exposed. Fill until your desired level and enjoy!