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Hario Tea Pitcher

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Like most of the popular brand’s product line, the Hario Tea Pitcher sports clean lines and an elegant look that would fit any kitchen or coffee table. This glass tea kettle demystifies the tea brewing process by giving us a clear view of the steeping action inside. Fixed within the pitcher is a stainless steel strainer that ensures a clean brew each time.

Made with heatproof borosilicate glass, the Hario Tea Pitcher resists flavours, odours, and colours making it the perfect tool for exploring the world of teas.  In line with the brand’s signature aesthetic, the lid is attached with a wooden knob.

Hario Tea Pitcher Features

Perfect for loose leaf tea brewing -  The Hario Tea Pitcher is built with a stainless steel mesh filter to contain the loose tea leaves and keep the dregs separate from the final brew.

Heatproof borosilicate glass - Made with glass that’s resistant to chemicals, odours, flavours, and colours, the Hario Tea Pitcher helps keep your tea free from impurities.

Wood accents - In line with the brand’s signature aesthetic, the pitcher’s lid is designed with an olive wood knob that features distinct wood grain.

This product includes:

  • 1x Hario Tea Pitcher

The Specifics

  • Materials - Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, olive wood
  • Water capacity - 450ml
  • Weight - 10.6 oz
  • Dimensions - 14 x 13 x 11.5 cm

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