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Hario Coffee Grinder Column - Wood


This high quality, grinder is constructed with a ceramic burr for minimal static and increased reliability. The exterior is a beautifully crafted wooden column. The handle is adjustable so that the grounds can be adjusted to suit your brewing method and style. The hopper itself holds 40g of coffee grounds.

It has a fully adjustable hand crank and ceramic burrs for an extremely reliable grind. The manual coffee grinder also features an enclosed top which ensures no beans are spilt while grinding your fresh beans.

The Hario Coffee Grinder Column is built tough with its hard wooden exterior and ample grinder ability it will survive the tough life of grinding your beans every day and producing your fresh coffee. The wooden exterior of the hand grinder provides a stunning feature piece while not grinding sitting right next to your brewing equipment. It captures the attention of all who see it.

Dimensions: W152 x D104 x H231mm