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Gorilla Gear Mazzer Robur Blades/Burrs 71mm

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Designed to enhance the grinding power of the Mazzer Robur, these Gorilla Gear Mazzer Robur Blades Burrs 71mm are an upgrade worth considering for any cafe using this tried and tested espresso grinder. These burrs are shown to reduce ground clumping, reduce retained grounds, and lower the operating temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius.

All Gorilla Gear burrs, including these for the Mazzer Robur, are pre-seasoned during manufacturing and coated with a low-friction material that increases efficiency. They re also hardened, featuring an HV hardness rating of 2,500-3,000 compared to the typical 800 for steel burrs.

Gorilla Gear Mazzer Robur Blades/Burrs 71mm

Gorilla Gear Mazzer Robur Blades/Burrs 71mm Is Compatible With:
Mazzer Robur Electronic Grinder
Mazzer Robur Automatic Grinder
Size 71mm Material Steel Holes 3 Style Conical

Note: Designed for single-phase grinders only.