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General Purpose Cleaner


Dominant General Purpose Cleaner is a clear green liquid with a fresh herbal-lavender fragrance. It is used to clean all normal washable surfaces on a regular basis, cleaning while also deodorising.


General Purpose Cleaner is an alkaline cleaner containing a blend of water softening agents and anionic and non ionic detergents. These give effective cleaning without excessive foam.


As a spray and wipe cleaner - use at dilutions from 1:10 to 1:25 depending upon degree of soiling to be cleaned. For cleaning floors - use at dilutions from 1:40 (1/2 cup per 5 litres of water) for heavy soiling, to 1:80 (1/4 cup per 5 litres of water) for general cleaning.

If kitchen floors are heavily soiled with greases and fats, the Breakaway Heavy Duty Cleaner is recommended.

Technical Data

This is an alkaline liquid containing water softening agents, alkaline builders, soil dispersants and a blend of biodegradable anionic and non ionic detergents. It has a pH of 11 in the undiluted form.

Note: Always wear gloves when handling strong solutions.