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Gaggia Besana Automatic Coffee Machine

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The Gaggia Besana is a bean to cup, fully automatic espresso machine that will deliver freshly ground and brewed espresso straight into your cup. With the addition of a hot water tap and simple to use pannarello steam wand, there’s no limits to the coffees you can be enjoying.

Compact in size, the user friendly buttons and main rotating selector knob are quick to activate the Brewing cycle for an espresso for one or two cups with a selection of how strong you would like the coffee to be. 

You don’t have to be a trained Barista to be making dedicated Cappuccinos

Rotate the knob one way and you’ll begin the steaming milk with the wand, where a pannarello tip makes quick and consistent work for the perfect milk and is ideal for any experience in making coffee. It goes a long way toward simplifying your morning cup of espresso coffee without sacrificing freshness and quality.

Making the most of the machine means only needing to adjust the ceramic burr grinder with 5 options, that’s accessible at the top of the machine, from the hopper, to your liking of strength and flavour in the cup. Once that’s done these burrs remain resilient and long-lasting for the tastiest coffee everyday.

Gaggia are a world renowned manufacturer of espresso machines since the early 1930’s, and still till this day, every Gaggia Machine is designed and made in Italy. All their machines are designed to last and the Besana is no exception, with a removable brewing unit and automated alert to descale your machine, your care and maintenance of an impressive coffee maker is taken care of too. 

Gaggia Besana Automatic Coffee Machine FEATURES

The Art of Espresso Making – Trusted Gaggia manufacturing delivers precise and full strength espresso, fully automated. 

Memory Function – Customise the strength of your espresso by holding the the dedicated button for a few seconds.

Compact Design – All in one, there’s no extra gadgets or equipment, beans on the top, milk on the side, cup underneath, ready to go.

Pannarello Steam Wand – Pannarello delivers steam to froth milk or hot water for teas and infusions.

Versatile Design – All compartments are accessible for maximum convenience – whether that is refilling with water or ground coffee, or emptying the coffee pucks container or the drip tray.

Automatic Rinse Cycle - Never forget to clean your machine, it has its own automatic rinse cycle.


  • Gaggia Besana Automatic Coffee Machine


Materials ABS / Stainless Steel
Coffee Bean Capacity 180 gr
Water Tank Capacity 1 L
Weight 7 KG
Power Supply 230V 50HZ 1400W
Pump Pressure 15 bar
Boiler Stainless Steel
Grinder Burrs Ceramic
Product dimensions (W) 29.5 (D) 32.5 (H) 42cm