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Flair Royal Hand Grinder


The Flair Royal Hand Grinder is design for precision and accuracy of espresso brewing. The consistency and precision of your espresso grind is probably the most important input to the taste of your coffee. Hitting the sweet spot signals instant success, while missing it could result in a less than worthy experience. The Royal's conical burrs and robust drive system ensure repeatable results.

The Royal Grinder is perfectly created to be used alongside coffee brewers like the Flair Espresso Maker Range, or any coffee method really. The ergonomic grip of the Royal uses a full silicone wrap to the handle - you’ll be comfortably brewing coffee wherever you go. Made reliably better for travel, with it rolled up in the included carry bag, safe with a removable turn-crank handle.

Taking advantage of features like the hardened Swiss-made steel burrs, and a unique "Lift, Turn & Lock Adjustment Crown" for no-slip and quick grind size adjustments that offer repeatable results. A robust centralised shaft, supported by the aluminium body and metal ball bearing ensures optimal alignment for grind consistency.  

A broad spectrum of grind sizes, with 72 Stepped settings to choose from - dialling in the espresso or brewing will have you hitting your recipes and delicious flavours in no time.

Dial back your settings all the way and you’ll discover how easy it is to find the zero point.


  • High Performance Design – Reinforced Aluminium Body and crank handle improves durability & power transfer.
  • Grind For Espresso – Ideal for any Brew Methods. Designed perfectly for Espresso on the Flair.
  • Enhanced Grinding – 72 Stepped Settings increases your chances to hit the sweet spot.
  • Silicon Grip – Smooth and reliable grip for when under operation.
  • Etzinger Burrs — Known for fantastic geometry for the perfect grounds.
  • For All Filter Brewers — Perfect for french press, moka pot, and everything in-between.


  • Flair Royal Grinder
  • Roll Bag for Travel
  • Cleaning Brush


Materials -  BPA-Free Plastic, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Aluminium Body
Capacity - 40g
Dimensions - (H) 19cm x (D) 6cm | Handle Length - 17cm
Burrs - Etzinger 47mm Conical Burrs