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Fellow Stagg Wooden Handle Kit


The Fellow Stagg Wooden Handle Kit is the next level style upgrade to replace the handle for your Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle. Compatible replacements on all Stagg model Raven Tea Kettles, Stagg EKG/EKG+ and Corvo EKG.

Easy to remove the original handle, the kit comes with everything you need, except a screwdriver, to attach the handle on safely and securely.  For all non-electric kettles, on the stovetop models it is highly recommended for use only on electric and induction stoves, and  is not compatible with gas stoves. (Wood  handles and gas flames don't mix well.

Smooth polished finished to the wood means it's protected from the elements, in and around the brew bar. For that ultimate look on your Fellow Stagg Kettle, that can be paired with your brew bar decor with smooth wood accents. Available in Walnut and Maple.

Fellow Stagg Wooden Handle Kit FEATURES

Wood Handle Accents – Either Maple or Walnut, adds a superior look.

New Handle and Lid – Replace or mix and match with wood and black handles.

Easy to Attach – Everything you need in the kit to replace the handle.

Smooth Finish – Polish Wood handle well protected around water.


  • Handle
  • Lid Pull
  • Appropriate fasteners to assemble to your kettle 
    • (Phillips head screwdriver not included)


  • Note: Kettle sold separately.