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Fellow Prismo for AeroPress

Original price $39.90
Current price $33.90

aeroPrismo is a pressure actuated valve designed to be used with the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Made by Fellow Products, Prismo allows for a build-up of pressure which creates espresso-style coffee from your AeroPress.

Prismo not only can be used to achieve a smooth espresso-style coffee, it also acts as a no-drip seal for a full immersion brew.

The reusable 70 micron etched filter eliminates the need for filter papers and doesn't let any sediment pass through into your brew.


  • Can be used for full immersion, espresso-style coffee, cold brew, hot tea, and iced tea
  • Integrated Gasket which stops your brew from leaking over the sides
  • Reusable 70 micron fine, stainless steel filter


  • Compatible only with the AeroPress Coffee Maker
  • Body Material: Polypropylene
  • Valve Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 69 mm diameter x 25 mm height

AeroPress® Coffee Maker is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc. Prismo is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AeroPress, Inc. 

    Please do not brew with Prismo over thin glass vessels. Prismo creates a great deal of pressure, and glass is fragile! When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal vessel.