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Fellow Ode SSP 64mm Flat Burrs


The SSP 64mm Burrs are the ideal option for upgrading your Fellow Ode Brew Grinder to be more espresso focussed. Capable of Grinding finer, faster and as cool as possible, you'll be grinding with the best high-performance SSP 64mm burrs at your disposal.

Silver Knight Burrs carry a special geometry to the burrs cutting edges which limits grind size distribution and increases cutting speeds whilst keeping the burrs cooler than your average burrs – and the results in the grinds are instantly noticeable with the taste in the cup all worth it. 

Red Speed Burrs (Titanium Aluminium Carbon Nitride/TiAlCN) equally carry advantages that include maximum strengthened surface for a rating of +5 Tonnes of coffee usage, and a reduced heat transfer coefficient with higher cutting forces.

These Burrs are compatible with the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, as well as the Mazzer Super Jolly and Mazzer Mini. Upgrade your grinding capabilities and easily install the Burrs to either grinder, taking your brewing experience to the next level. 

Fellow Ode SSP 64mm Flat Burrs Features

  • Boost Grinding Performance – Upgrade from standard burrs to SSP burrs, the ultimate in precision.
  • Multiple Grinder Compatibility – Fit to your Fellow Ode, Mazzer Super Jolly E or Mazzer Mini.
  • Better Cutting Surface – Using special geometry and surface coating to enhance the burrs performance.  
  • 64mm Cast-Iron Burrs – Tougher, faster and longer lasting burrs. 
  • Easy to Install – 3 Holes line up with the holes in the grinder disc for quick installation. 


  • SSP 64mm Burrs


Materials - Cast-Iron Burrs. Red Speed Coating - (Titanium Aluminium Carbon Nitride/TiAlCN)
Size - 64mm
Compatibility - Fellow Ode Brew Grinder, Mazzer Super Jolly E, Mazzer Mini A Grinder
Life Expectancy - 5+ Tonnes Roasted Coffee