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Felicita Arc Coffee Scale

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Take weighing to the next level with the Felicita Arc! The precision of the Arc makes sure you only brew amazing coffee.

The Arc is big enough for a portafilter and small enough to fit under an espresso machine to weigh your espresso shot.

Felicita Arc can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can discover all the cool functions through the app. It can even tell you the speed of your pour when brewing pour-over.


  • Precision to 0.1gram
  • Built-in timer - Auto tare, auto start and stop timer


  • Felicita Arc is charged with the included USB cable.
  • There is also a heat resistant silicon mat included and a 100g weight for calibrating the scale.

Total capacity: 2000g
Precision: 0,1g
Weight: 270g
Measurements: 105x135x15.5mm
Touch display: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Calibrating weight: Yes
Manual: English