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Espro Bloom Pour Over Dripper


The Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper is a revolutionary new flat bottom pour over coffee maker designed to deliver the best possible flavor extraction and is engineered to do so in as little as two minutes.

The Bloom Dripper with its unique patented design t produces a better tasting cup of coffee using a recessed bed geometry that protects coffee grounds during brewing and ensures you get the correct amount of water for the perfect brew every time. 

The integrated 1502 precision-etched holes in the filter allow for even extraction and allow your coffee to steep to its peak whilst finishing 30% faster than standard pour over brewing methods, even with finely ground coffee. A dual mode brewer allows it to be used with or without paper filters. 

Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper FEATURES

Unique Brewer Design – Steep angles on the cone increases water height and head pressure over the brew.

Even Extraction – A recessed bed geometry ensures all water sees the same amount of coffee.

Precision-etched Filter – 1502 precision-etched flared holes in a Curved bottom promote a fast flow.

Cup Window – Opening on the base lets you monitor the level of coffee in your cup or carafe.

Thermal Silicon Sleeve – Incorporates 136 molded air pockets in an insulated handle for added thermal protection.


  • Espro Bloom Pour-Over Dripper
  • 10 Bloom Paper Filters


Materials Stainless Steel, Silicone
Brews 1 - 2 Cups
Compatible Filters Espro Bloom Pour Over Paper Filters