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Dripster Cold Brew Spare Parts


Dripster Spare Parts are the perfect replacements for your beloved cold brew coffee maker, whether it’s the water tank, drips assembly and tap or the filter and dosing chamber. Refresh the Dripster for another season of cold brewing and enjoy the riches of slow-drip cold brew once more.

The Drip Assembly comes as one part that includes the water chamber and drip tap, whereas the bottom chamber includes the built-in stainless steel filter to the dosing chamber where you place your grounds. No matter what it is, there’s a part that can be renewed to keep the Dripster dripping.

Dripster Water CHAMBER – Top assembly

Including the 600ml Water chamber (no lid) and built-in drip assembly with tap to adjust the drip rate to your ideal cold brew recipe.

Dripster Coffee Chamber – Bottom Assembly

Includes the dosing chamber to pace your ground coffee and the sustainable and reusable  stainless mesh filter for keeping your cold brewed coffee sludge-free and smooth.