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Dem-Truck Folding Trolley

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Safely transport your precious coffee equipment and other valuable stock with the Dem-Truck trolley. A must-have for your delivery operations, this folding trolley eliminates most of the heavy lifting and makes single-person delivery possible thanks to its adjustable height, a roll-off platform with safety release, and clip-on lower compartment, and load straps.

The trolley also features locking pneumatic wheels for better weight distribution and safety, as well door glides on the front of the top platform to help push open doors even without extra assistance. And finally, the roll-off platform can be fitted with stair climb handles to make it easier for two people to haul heavy loads up a flight of stairs.

When not in use, the trolley folds to a third of its size and can be stowed away in the storage bag that comes with it.

Dem-Truck Folding Trolley Features

Door friendly - At 660 mm wide, the Dem Truck Trolley fits for single doors.

Makes single-person delivery possible - The roll-off platform with a safety release, 5x adjustable height, locking wheels, and load straps make it possible for one person to move a heavy load from the store to the truck and vice versa. 

Carry more on a single trip - With a max load capacity of 220kg and a clip-on lower platform, you can save time by carrying more on a single trip.

Stair climb handles - Lugging heavy packages or machinery up flights of stairs takes great effort, and not to mention, can be dangerous. The removable stair climb handles make it easier for two people to haul valuable equipment up on stairs and inclines.

Collapsible - When not in use, the Demtruck cart can be folded to a third of its size and take up only a small space in your truck or stock room.

This product includes:

  • 1x Dem-Truck Trolley
  • 1x Roll-off platform
  • 1x Storage bag
  • 1x Clip-on lower platform
  • 1x 150mm platform extension
  • 1x Stair climb handles
  • 1x Door glides
  • 2x Load strap
  • 1x Storage bag

The Specifics

  • Load capacity - 220 kg 
  • Top platform dimensions - approx. 1000 mm x 660 mm
  • Weight without extra load - 22 kg
  • Height adjustment - 700-900 mm