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Delter Cold Drip Carafe Lid


The Delter Cold Drip Carafe Lid is a fitted, sealed off, food safe plastic lid for your Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker. 

This lid is designed to fit snugly over the Delter Cold Drip's carafe, which keeps your coffee fresh and prevents it from spilling or spoiling in the fridge or when you carry it around. The lid helps to keep the coffee cool and stops it from getting knocked around in the carafe when in the fridge or travelling.

Delter Cold Drip Carafe Lid FEATURES

Sealed Off – Place the lid on the Carafe and keep your coffee safe when in the fridge. 

Food Safe Material – Delter coffee Tools understands the importance of health and safety.

Keeps Coffee Fresh – With the Lid on, the Coffee will be kept cool for longer and not spoil.


  • Delter Cold Drip Carafe Lid 


Compatibility Delter Cold Drip Coffee Maker
Material Food Safe Plastic
*Carafe not included.