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Dalla Corte Studio Coffee Machine

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Introducing the Dalla Corte Studio. A coffee machine that’s compact, accurate, and efficient--just like the espresso machine professional baristas use but small and simple enough for your kitchen at home or at the office.

Professional Features

If you're ready to go pro or just want to step up your coffee game at home, the Dalla Corte Studio has everything you need for brewing an amazing espresso. It offers high performance and ease of use with its professional features like automatic cleaning, on/off timer, and easy-to-read digital display controls that will help you keep track of the parameters necessary in pulling a fantastic shot. 

Thermal stability

With thermal stability at its core, this semi-pro coffee machine keeps the water temperature consistent and steady where you set it to help achieve your desired outcomes. The Studio is also equipped with the same powerful steam wand that comes with all pro-level Dalla Corte coffee machines to help you produce great milk foams for your latte art and cappuccinos.

Wide variety of colours

Every brew bar and the kitchen has its own style and the Dalla Corte Studio Coffee Machine aims to fit in with its beautiful colour choices. With six options to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a Studio that looks good in your coffee nook.

Dalla Corte Studio Coffee Machine Features

Thermal stability - Dalla Corte Studio’s thermal stability system helps ensure a consistent temperature throughout the coffee-making process.

Powerful steam wand - Enjoy great cappuccinos and beautiful latte art designs with the great-quality milk foam.

Digital display - A digital display helps you keep track of your parameters like boiler temperature, steam temperature, and brewing and extraction times.

Minimalist design - Set the dose, timer, and temperatures digitally or completely set to manual using the Studio’s unobtrusive dial/button.

Lead-free brass - All fittings used for the boiler are lead-free brass to keep the water pure, safe, and free from any aftertaste.

Easy maintenance - Easy to disassemble when it’s time to make adjustments within.

This product includes:

  • Dalla Corte Studio Coffee Machine
  • DC Single & Double spout 54mm Portafilter
  • DC double spout PF
  • Single & Double Professional Filter Baskets
  • Blind basket
  • 2x steam Tips
  • Tamp
  • Capsules for Machine Cleaning


The Specifics


Stainless steel, brass, copper


Dual Boiler ( 0.5L Brew, 1.5L Steam)

Water Reservoir


Tank or Plumbed

Tank & Plumbed



Pump Pressure Adjustable



YES - Brew & Steam


Brew Pressure




230 Volt 50Hz – 10amp - 1970W

Dimensions (w/h/d)

321 x 390 x 400 mm




Recommended Additions

Available Colours

  • White
  • Black