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Compak Cube Automatic Tamper


Compak’s Cube Automatic Tamper is the ultimate tamping tool for baristas and coffee geeks who like to make espresso on their own terms, with its ability to adjust tamping pressure from 10ks to 30kgs and perform the perfect tamp every time in seconds, without you doing all that much in the process.

The Cube Automatic Coffee Tamper is that premium and stylish Automatic tamper that provides the ultimate in tamping consistency. It's made with industry experienced quality manufacturers and the Cube features adjustable tamping pressure and portafilter rest height adjustable forks to fit most portafilters and baskets.

The easy to view and use touchpad display allows you to program and adjust settings to ensure the best tamp every time and the benefits of using an Automatic tamp are clear with increased ergonomics, improved consistency and reliable results without the need to focus on training staff or oneself in the art of tamping. 

Simply dose the coffee into the basket, slide the portafilter into the Cube and in seconds it’ll be tamped - with no residue or grounds building up the side, just flat and even tamping each and every shot. You’ll easily see the results once using it time and time again with enlightened tamping area so you can see how amazing it is.

Compak Cube Automatic Tamper FEATURES

Automatic Tamping – No effort needed - simply insert portafilter to be tamped perfect.

Adjustable tamping Pressure – Adjust to your needs, from 10ks light to 30kgs hard tamp.

Uniform Pressure – Manufactured to provide the ultimate flat and even tamp.

Adjustable Fork Heights – The Cube will fit most portafilters and baskets.

3-Switch Automation – Magnets built inside the Cube know exactly when to tamp.

Reduced Residue or Static – With coating to protect from build-up from static.

Large ULED Display – Stylish Modern Design with front facing display and controls.


  • Compak Cube Automatic Tamper
  • User Manual


Material Aluminium Frame, Stainless Steel Tamp head.
Motor Output 65W
Tamp Pressure 10kgs - 30kgs
Tamp Diameter 58mm
Dimensions (mm( (H) 280mm x (W) 165 x (D) 185
Weight 6.5ks