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Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device - E61 Grouphead


Whether you're a coffee enthusiast, barista, or just like the taste of good coffee, the Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device for E61 Grouphead will improve your extraction and provide you with a more enjoyable espresso.

Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device - E61 Grouphead is a must-have device for every coffee aficionado, It allows the user to manually adjust the flow of water from the pump into the portafilter and due to the modification of flow, the result is actually a change in pressure.

The water pressure required for a shot is adjustable with this flow control device which attaches to any E61 Grouphead of an espresso machine. This flow control device adjusts the flow of water through a needle valve which controls the pressure applied by the pump on the grouphead, thereby controlling the quantity of water that flows through your espresso.

By using the Coffee Sensor FCD you’ll be able to achieve various flow and pressure profiles such as a long pre-infusion, quick or slow ramp to full pressures, low pressure extractions and slow ramp downs in your espresso extractions, similar to a Lever machine brewing style, simply with the turn of a tap handle.

Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device - E61 Grouphead FEATURES

Pressure and Flow Control – Adjust flow to change the pressure simply by turning a tap.

E61 Grouphead Compatible – Fits all E61 Grouphead Machines.

Quick to Install – Anyone can install with everything you need included in the box.

Pressure Gauge Included – View the pressure change live from the gauge, once installed.

Quality Manufacturing – Designed to match the standard E61 Grouphead.


  • Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device Main Body
  • Two Control Handles - designed slightly different to fit any E61 Machine. 
  • Group pressure gauge (0 -16 bar reading) 
  • Bottom Group Spring to cut automatic Pre-infusion 
  • Full Installation & Servicing Kit / Manual


Materials Stainless Steel,brass interior screw, two chromed brass handles.
Group Pressure Gauge Reading 0 - 16 Bar Pressure
  • Coffee Sensor flow control device for E61 GH’s is designed and tested on some models of machines from Rocket, ECM, Isomac, Bezzera, Lelit Mara / Mara X that have the STANDARD E61 GroupHead.

It is not guaranteed to work when installed on machines made by other manufacturers.

  • A lot of people already tested the same type of product on different machines with very good results, but as a company we cannot test it on EACH AND EVERY E61 coffee machine out there.

So Coffee Sensor cannot guarantee the fact that this product is compatible with ANY E61 Grouphead.