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Coffee Accessories 58mm Distributor 


The Coffee Accessories 58mm Distributor is a tool that will ensure your grounds are well prepared with the greatest level of distribution and evenness to the bed prior to tamping.

Designed to move the coffee grounds evenly and consistently using the unique S shaped raised edge to the tool.

You’ll discover tamping becomes easier and the consistency between shots increases with the extra few seconds it takes to distribute your grounds in the basket. With this coffee distributor, you’ll no longer need to use your hands or fingers to move the grounds around, and eliminate ‘barista fingers’ altogether. 

The S Shape to the edge takes coffee that has been piled up from the grinders spray pattern, in the middle, and moves it across and to the edges of the basket, at the same time taking and excess from the outside and smoothing it over any gaps or crevices in the grounds surface. 

When coffee grounds are distributed there’s more chance your tamping will be even and your espresso shots will extract this way too, for an increased yield and better tasting coffee.

Coffee Accessories 58mm Distributor FEATURES

Increased Consistency – Improve your tamping and extractions and get better tasting espresso with grounds distribution.

Height Adjustable – Unscrew the middle portion of the tool to adjust the depth of the wedge to suit your basket and dose.

Improve Tamping – With an even flat surface to tamp on to after distribution, you’re guaranteed to see improved results in your tamping. 

Easy to Use – Simple place it straight on to your un-tamped coffee, from the grinder, twist it around 2-3 times either way, for a smooth even surface to tamp on.


  • Coffee Accessories 58mm Distributor 


Materials Aluminium, Plastic
Diameter 58mm