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Clean Machine Weekly Milk Line Cleaner 1L

The Clean Machine Weekly Milk Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner for the removal of built-up milk residue and sanitisation of milk frothing devices.

Use weekly in conjunction with Milk Steamer Solution. Using a new synthetic lactic acid formula, it is both safe (non-hazardous and non-dangerous) on machine parts and bench surfaces whilst 'punching above its weight' in the cleaning department. This cleaner will assist in breaking down milk stone and maintain milk-steaming performance on coffee equipment.

Mix 50 ml of solution to 200ml of water.

Auto Frothers
Run a 250ml mixture of solution (see above) through automatic milk frothing mechanism. Repeat the process twice with fresh water. Once a week dismantle auto frother and soak in the solution. Rinse well.

Steam Arms 
Using correct mix of solution place in jug and steam for approx 1 minute (as you would a jug of milk).