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Chemex 6 Cup Reusable Filter Bundle

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Make coffee you’re proud of with the Chemex 6 Cup Reusable Filter Bundle. This bundle has all the essentials you need to get started with pour over brewing: a 6 Cup Chemex, the reusable Able Kone Filter, and the Hario Skerton coffee grinder.

The Chemex is a classic brewer that’s beloved around the world for its ability to brew rich coffee with crisp flavors with crystal clarity. Made with high borosilicate glass and fitted with a wooden collar, you’ll have no problem falling in love with this brewer.

Basic Chemex Instructions:

  • Grind coffee at a medium-coarse setting and place in filter.
  • Pour hot water in slow, concentric circles to saturate all the grounds evenly.
  • Allow the brewed coffee to drain, clean the filter, and enjoy.

The Able Kone Filter was designed to fit the Chemex perfectly, offering a 100% eco-friendly alternative to paper filters. This stainless steel filter allows the aromatic oils to drain into your cup, giving you an vibrant, aroma-heavy experience.

Grind coffee anywhere in the world with the Hario Skerton. This manual grinder features conical ceramic burrs that give you consistently uniform grounds, which encourages more flavor balance. It’s capable of grinding coffee for every filter coffee method, so you’re free to explore other brewers in the future.

This Chemex 6 Cup Reusable Filter Bundle is the perfect set of gear to bring delicious and balanced pour over coffee to your home.


  • Smooth Pour Over Coffee – Produces rich coffee that’s beloved around the world for its crisp flavors and crystal clarity.
  • Eco-Friendly Filter – The Able Kone eliminates all paper waste and boosts vibrant aromas in your final mug.
  • Uniform Coffee Grounds – Produces grounds that are consistent and uniform, encouraging a more balanced flavor.
  • Conical Ceramic Burrs – Grind coffee for Chemex and all other filter brewers without having to worry about burr longevity. They’re here to stay.


  • Chemex 6 Cup Classic – Wood Neck
  • Able Kone Filter
  • Hario Skerton with 100g Capacity


  • Chemex Materials: High Borosilicate Glass, Wooden Collar
  • Chemex Dimensions: 21.6cm Tall, 13cm Diameter
  • Chemex Capacity: 6 Cups (900 ml)
  • Able Kone Materials: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Grinder Materials: Hario Glass, Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Grinder Dimensions: 172mm Wide, 93mm Deep, 214mm High
  • Grinder Capacity: 100g