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Cafetto Polar Clean 500g


The Cafetto Polar Cleaner is compatible with all cold brew coffee systems, formulated and designed to meet the specific needs of cold brew systems.


- Cleans cold brew systems in just one hour or can be left overnight.
- Kills 99.999% of common food-borne bacteria when used according to the in-use instructions.
- Does not leave any residue after rinsing.
- Chlorine-free and will not taint the flavour of your brew.
- Cleans the complete brewing system in cold water.
- Biodegradable.

How to Use:
1. Add 1 x scoop of Polar Cleaner per 1 x litre of water.
2. Add the diluted solution to your cold brewing system.
3. Leave for 1 x hour.
4. Discard the solution.
5. Fill your cold brewing system with clean water and drain.