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Cafetto Brew Clean Tablets


Cafetto Coffee Brewer Cleaning Tablets are fast and effective, providing a superior clean. These tablets remove oils and coffee stains from brew baskets, servers, air pots, and coffee pots.

Brew Clean Tablets are non-hazardous and non-corrosive, so they are safe to use on all coffee equipment. These tablets are recommended for cleaning Bravilor, Fetco, Bunn, AMW, Curtis, Melitta, Grindmaster, and Coffee Queen brewing equipment.

- Safe to use
- Non-hazardous
- Economical; Each tablet provides 2.5 litres of cleaning solution

Dimensions: 20mm x 5mm

Tablet Weight: 2.5g

How to Use:
1. Fill brew unit reserviour with hot water.
2. Place 1 x tablet  per 2L in the brew basket.
3. Ensure the coffee server is under the brew basket.
4. Activate the brewing cycle allowing the cleaning solution to flow into the server.
5. When the brew cycle is finished, rinse the brew basket in fresh water.
6. Leave the solution in the server to stand for a minimum of 5 minutes, then drain.
7. Thoroughly rinse the server with fresh water.