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Cafelier C2 Automatic Grouphead Cleaner


Imagine effectively getting rid of burnt coffee and oils from your espresso machine in seconds. That’s what the Cafelier C2 Automatic Grouphead Cleaner does. This much-awaited upgrade to the C1 is more powerful and made with better materials designed to withstand heat and pressure.

With just a push of a button, this automatic cleaning device for professional espresso machines removes the residue from making 50 cups of coffee in a matter of 10 seconds. This makes it possible for your baristas to clean the shower screen whenever needed during the day to ensure perfect coffee for your customers with no interruption to service. 

Built from high-quality materials, the Cafelier C2 can handle high temperatures and pressures without damaging or altering the group head in any way during the cleaning process. Its flexible bristles safely wrap around the filter edge and the water-resistant design at the point of attachment allows a thorough clean without demanding any physical effort from the user. It also comes with a detachable blind filter basket that’s designed for backflushing at the end of the day.

Cafelier C2 Automatic Grouphead Cleaner Features

Cleans in seconds - In just 10 seconds, the cleaner rotates 35 times to deliver optimal cleaning to the group head.

Light and ergonomic design - Weighing only 0.6 kilos, the C2 features a smooth design for easy handling.

Easy backflushing - Pop in the blind filter/basket to the cleaner for quick and efficient backflushing.

3-step cleaning process - Attach the C2, push the button and wait 10 seconds, detach.

Universal fit - The Cafelier C2 fits professional and semi-professional espresso machines with a standard size 57-58mm portafilter.

This product includes:

  • 1x Cafelier C2 Automatic Grouphead Cleaner
  • 1x blind filter/basket
  • 1x charger

The Specifics


Pekalon II Bristles (Rated to 350 Cleaning Cycles.)           

Cleaning Cycle

10 seconds / 35 Rotations


Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Compatible Espresso Machines

LaMarzocco, Sanremo, Slayer, Faema, Rocket, LaCimbali, Wega, Ascaso ,Synchro, Futurab, Synesso, Kees Van Der Western, Conti, ECM, Elektra, Expobar, Isomac, Pesado, Izzo, La Pavoni, Bezzera, Rancilio, San Remo




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