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Cafelat Robot Hands


The Cafelat Robot espresso maker is a joy to use but the addition of the Robot Hands makes the experience even better. Created to improve the comfort level of the Cafelat Robot, these “mittens” attach to the ends of the levers, giving you a wider and smoother surface to grasp when pulling a shot. The Robot Hands also removes any discomfort caused by the angled levers, letting you apply more pressure to yield richer, more flavourful coffee.

Cafelat Robot Hands Features

Improved comfort - Pulling shots for guests at home? You won’t mind doing it over and over with the Robot Hands in place.

Easy to install - Simply unscrew the Robot Hands, align each side with the end of the lever, and screw back on. Easy!

Helps increase pressure - The Robot Hands gives you a wider surface to grasp, allowing you to apply more pressure or maintain the ideal one shot after shot without any pain or discomfort.

This product includes:

  • 1x Cafelat Robot Hands

The Specifics

  • Materials: Stainless Steel, aluminium
  • Dimensions: (D) 36 mm x (W) 13 mm
  • Compatible with: See Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker
  • (NB: Does not include the Espresso Maker)

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