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Bruer Paper Filters – 350 pack


Bruer Paper Filters are compatible with the Bruer Cold Brew System and are used for the dispersion of water droplets onto the bed of ground coffee.  Made from a high quality, German manufactured paper, the Bruer paper filters have been developed to have minimal impact on flavour whilst allowing for a perfect balance of flow and resistance to create the ideal extraction.

The Bruer Paper filters being suitable for use with the Bruer Cold brew System , additionally able to be used with the Delter Coffee Press and the Aeropress Coffee Maker too.

Without a paper filter, what can happen is water begins to burrow a whole through the ground coffee. There’s a chance there will be dry, un-extracted grounds afterwards, if the water doesn't soak all the grounds evenly at the start of the brewing cycle. 

Adding a small amount of water prior to brewing can also help get the drips started sooner and the coffee extracting the maximum amount of flavour. 

Bruer Paper Filters FEATURES

350 Filters – Enough just about to put on a Cold Brew every day of the year.

High Quality Paper – Ideal for the dispersion and flow control of drip cold brew coffee.

Multi-Compatible – Can be used with the Aeropress Coffee Maker and Delter Coffee Press.


  • 350 x Bruer Paper Filters


Material High Quality Paper
Amount 350