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Breville Double Filter Basket


The Breville Express Double Filter Basket creates extra pressure for your espresso shots, helping improve your extractions with your coffee machine at home. It is the perfect addition to your coffee making arsenal if you’re on a mission to make better espressos quickly with your current set-up at home.

Compatible with the Breville Express and other select Breville machines: Breville BES810, BES840, BES860, and BES870.

Breville Double Filter Basket Features

Extra Coffee- Single wall construction with double the size Filter Basket creates extra coffee that results in better coffee extractions with your at-home coffee machine.

Better results - If you’re looking for a way to pull better shots of espresso but don’t have the time to master new techniques, the Breville Double Wall Basket is the perfect addition to your setup.

This product includes:

  • 1x Breville Double Filter Basket

The Specifics

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Single Wall - Ridgeless.
  • Diameter: 53.70mm
  • Capacity: 16-20g
  • Compatible with Breville Machines:
    • Breville BES810
    • Breville BES840
    • Breville BES860
    • Breville BES870
    • Express

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