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Bodum Kenya 8 cup Press

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The Kenya French Press allows for a fully immersed coffee experience using a press method! The Matt Black colour makes it unique compared to other styles available. This French Press is easy to use and yields a delicious result quickly. The maker allows for extraction of the most essential oils from freshly ground coffee and leaves barely a trace of sediment.

Boasting an extremely fine filter which results in minimal sediment in your cup.

The chrome-plated body keeps it durable and attractive, the plastic handle and base offer good heat protection for any surface. The Kenya will allow you to taste, smell and savour the full flavour profile of your favourite coffee!

Brief Instructions:

Using the Bodum Kenya 8 cup press is easy, simply add ground coffee, pour well temperated water, stir, wait 3-4 minutes and by gently and evenly depressing hte lunger you stop the brewing. It's just that easy.


1 x Bodum Kenya 8 Cup Press