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Bellezza Inizio Coffee Machine

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Bellezza Inizio Leva Coffee Machine is born out of Italian tradition and reliable espresso machine manufacturing, designed to provide incredible and consistent performance.

With Rotary and Vibratory Pump models both available on this wonderful Heat Exchange machine, nothing stands in the way of your espresso and cappuccino making and enjoyment at home when using the Inizio Leva. It’s the Italian custom to focus so much attention to espresso machine manufacturing.

Bellezza meaning Beauty and Inizio translating to ‘The Beginning' nothing could be closer to the truth. With features that build on the Inizio’s performance like the Stainless Steel Boiler, a PID controlled heating element with pre-infusion at the grouphead and shot timer timer is the complete package for making consistently great coffee at home.

Pulling Shots With The Bellezza Inizio Leva Coffee Machine

The perfect espresso shot will be easily achievable when using the standard 58mm portafilter with precision filter baskets. Control the brew water temperature to within 1ºC for consistent results, and to keep your dialled in longer – A handy shot timer along with a needle gauge on the front of the machine for  boiler and pump pressures will keep you on track.

Using 2000W of power in the boiler means quick heat up times, plenty of steam pressure and back to back coffees all whilst you’ll be able to brew coffee and steam at the same time.

Trusted Stainless Steel E61 Grouphead.

With the trusted E61 Stainless Steel Grouphead keeping everything hot where it matters most, and ample water available in the 2.4L water tank and 1.8L boiler - filling up often will become a thing of the past, and you’ll have loads of water to be pulling shots all morning.

Rounding off the features is the plentiful size Drip Tray and a 3-way solenoid valve for easy cleaning.


  • Classic Looks – An Italian design for the perfect espresso every time. Use the Lever to turn shots on or off.
  • 2000W Power – A fast and efficient Heat Exchanger Machine means you can brew coffee and steam at the same time.
  • Control you Brew Temp – Using a PID for Brew Water you’ll get a consistent flavour result and reliable coffee each time.
  • Plumbed In to Mains – With Rotary and Vibratory Pump models available - choose if you want to plumb it in or keep using the tank.
  • E61 Grouphead – Backing up your Heat-Exchange boiler is the E61 style grouphead to work to keep a reliable temperature where it matters most.
  • 2.4L Capacity – Huge water tank supply will last for a long time.


  • Bellezza Inizio Leva Coffee Machine
  • Bellezza Double Spout Portafilter
  • Standard Filter Basket - 16g
  • Blind Filter Basket


  • Boiler -  Heat Exchange, 1.8L
  • Water Tank - 2.4
  • Pump -  Vibration or Rotary (Rotary can be plumbed into water mains)
  • PID - Yes
  • Pre-Infusion - Yes - Timer Adjustable
  • Voltage - 220-240V | 10Amp
  • Dimensions - 297 (W) x 397 (H) x 488 (D)
  • Weight - 28kg

Available Styles

  • Bellezza Inizio Leva Coffee Machine R – Rotary Pump
  • Bellezza Inizio Leva Coffee Machine V – Vibratory Pump