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Bellezza Chiara Coffee Machine

Original price $2,745.00
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Bellezza Chiara Leva Coffee Machine is compact and reliable machine with incredible performance. As a Heat-Exchanger Machine functions, nothing stands in the way of your espresso and cappuccino making and enjoyment at home when using the Chiara.

With the long history of Italian custom in sophisticated espresso machine manufacturing, Bellezza meaning Beauty and Chiara translating as ‘A Good Fit’ nothing could be closer to the truth. With features that build on the Chiara’s reliability like the 1.8L Stainless Steel Boiler, a PID controlled heating element with pre-infusion at the grouphead and shot timer timer is the complete package for making consistently great coffee at home.

Pulling Shots With The Bellezza Chiara Leva Coffee Machine

Brewing your morning espresso is quick and smooth. Using a standard 58mm portafilter and basket, PID Temperature control over the brew water, a handy shot timer along with a needle gauge on the front of the machine for  boiler and pump pressures and 2000W power in the boiler means your espresso will be hot, your steam will be plenty and you’ll be able to brew coffee and steam at the same time.

Trusted Stainless Steel E61 GroupHead

Full Stainless Steel E61 Grouphead construction, along with side panels and feet with generous size drip tray and a 3-way solenoid valve for easy cleaning – no extra drips after the shot rounds off this impressive machine for your’s and the families daily coffee.


  • Italian Design – A classic look and perfect espresso every-time is the Italian way. Compact yet powerful.
  • Heat-Exchanger – With a powerful 2000w boiler, you’ll have power to brew and steam at the same time.
  • PID Temperature – Controlling the brew temperature means consistent flavour in your shots every time.
  • Shot Timer – Built in to the PID controller is a shot timer to watch your shot and consistently make great coffee.
  • E61 Grouphead – Backing up your Heat-Exchange boiler is the E61 style grouphead to work to keep a reliable temperature where it matters most.
  • 1.8L Capacity – Plenty of size to make several cups in a row, for the office or whole family.


  • Bellezza Chiara Leva Coffee Machine
  • Bellezza Double Spout Portafilter
  • Standard Filter Basket - 16g
  • Blind Filter Basket


Boiler - Heat Exchange, 1.8L
Water Tank - 1.8
Pump - Vibration
PID - Yes
Pre-infusion - Yes - Timer Adjustable 
Voltage - 220-240V
Dimensions - 285 (W) x 355 (H) x 350 (D)
Weight - 19kg