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Barista Latte Art Pen - Concept-Art


The Concept Art Barista Latte Art Tool set is perfect for the beginner barista. The Spoon and spike piece set allows coffee lovers to detail their latte art and create masterpieces. Latte Art has become extremely popular over the past years, with many cafes becoming famous for their baristas work. Using the froth and crema, the tools are able to add further detail then ever before.

With spoon & spike, this is the classic double-tool for perfect latte art!

Material: Milled from solid aluminium with a polished finish.

Cleaning: Wipe with a wet cloth, do not machine wash to avoid greying

    The Concept Art Barista Tool set is made from milled from solid aluminium with a polished finish. The handles made from silicone and plastic. We recommend washing with hands as the black sleeves may fade from dishwashing.