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Barista Hustle Milk Jug


The Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher has been designedby Matt Perger and the team from Barista Hustle. Meticulously aligned in all directions rightdown to the millimetre, the Barista Hustle Milk Pitcher is versatile, precise,and durable enough to withstand busy cafe environments. Available in ahigh-sheen, glossy silver finish and available in 400ml and 600ml sizes.


- Precise Alignment: The handle and spout are perfectly aligned in all directions to +/- 2 millimeters to ensure consistent pours and symmetrical latte art.
- Versatile Spout: Designed for high accuracy latte art, the Barista Hustle spout is wide enough for slow-settas and narrow enough for detailed pouring.
- Durable Build: The professional grade stainless steel is perfect for a tough cafe environment. Thick 0.9mm stainless bends less and holds shape longer, while the fully flush laser welded handle has no un-washable crevices around the join and is made to last.
- Fill Markers: Etched markers on the inside of the pitcher allow baristas to quickly fill the pitcher with an accurate amount of milk. Placed on both sides of the spout, they provide milk level indication for both left and right handers that helps to reduce waste.

Please note: It is recommended that this pitcher is hand washed with warm water and dish soap before use.