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Barista Hustle 58.4mm Tamper

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Barista Hustle's signature tamper is designed for bar work - it's light but balanced, durable, and when the inevitable drops and dings happen, the base is designed to be inexpensive and easy to replace. Made of black anodized aluminum, the tamper body is slim and smooth, easy to hold with just enough texture that it won't be slippery in wet hands. The cutout near the base is designed to reduce suction when removing the tamper, to prevent a dislodged or cracked puck.

- Eliminates vacuuming: A tight portafilter fit combined with a unique double flange between the base and top slope of the handle eliminates potential vacuuming created by a traditional thick piston face.
- Lightweight: Weighs only 250 grams for less strain on your body.
- Optimal Grip: Textures surface for optimal grip and shaped to fit most hands sizes.
- Keep it Safe: Each Barista Hustle Tools Tamper comes with a black canvas zipper case with a custom-made interior moulding for a snug and safe fit.