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Barista Basics Knockbox 6" x 10" x 5"


Knockbox should fit snug within the sinkhole to ensure proper function and durability. Unmatched by any other knock box on the market, they are made with Ultra-strong ABS plastic and include a removable rubber knock bar.



- Open bottom
- Includes NBR rubber hush gasket
- Removable rubber knock bar
- Holds up to 35+ discarded coffee pucks
- Can be used in-bench applications
- BPA-free

- 5mm thick body
- Made of 100% recyclable materials.
- Handwash only
Dimensions: 152.4mm (W) x 254mm (L) x 127mm (D)
Top Rim Diameter: 6mm

Please note: We recommend having the product in-hand before cutting into your benchtop. The knockbox should fit snug within the hole to ensure proper function.