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Ascaso Steel Duo PID Coffee Machine

Color: Black & Wood

A step up from your at-home espresso machine, the Ascaso Steel Duo PID Coffee Machine boasts professional performance and a stunning industrial design body. Built using high-quality aluminium, stainless steel, and brass, this semi-professional equipment can withstand daily operations within an office setting and even small coffee shops.

PID Group Temperature Control

Consistently good coffee may require you to make minute adjustments in your routine. The Ascaso Steel Duo’s PID group temperature control system allows you to adjust the boiler temperature degree by degree, control the steam, pre-program the pre-infusion time, set the coffee dose timer, and enable the chronometer function and stand-by mode. Monitor the changes you make on the minimalist digital reader flanked by the sleek steel button controls.

Easy, external adjustments

Complimenting the digital controls of the Ascaso Steel Duo PID are physical toggle switches for power, volumetric dosing, and water and steam control. Removing the machine’s panels to adjust the pressure is also a thing of the past since the overpressure valve can be manipulated from the exterior using a flathead screwdriver. 

Built to last

In addition to the tough industrial built of the Steel Duo PID, the systems within are also constructed to pass the test of vigorous daily usage. Its Thermoblock system ensures thermal stability allowing consistent heating and unlimited steaming at reduced power consumption. The stainless steel construction of the circuit also eliminates the risk of water contamination and limescale buildup.

Comfort features

Whether you are using the Steel Duo at home or in your coffee shop, you’ll find that certain features make your routine a more pleasant experience. From the multidirectional steam wand with a heat-resistant nozzle to the workspace lighting.

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Coffee Machine Features

Precise controls - The PID Group Temperature Control allows degree-by-degree adjustment of the boiler temperature, steam, pre-infusion time, dose timer, and more. This espresso machine also has physical toggle switches for simplified volumetric dosing, on/off, and water/steam functions.

Semi-professional quality - Constructed with aluminium, stainless steel, and brass components, the Ascaso Steel Duo PID is the perfect upgrade from your at-home coffee machine or as a starter espresso machine for your small coffee shop.

External overpressure valve - Adjusting an espresso machine’s pressure used to be a lot of work. The Steel Duo PID simplifies this with an externally adjustable overpressure valve located near the steam wand.

Heat-resistant steam wand - The stainless steel steam wand swings in all directions and has a heat-resistant nozzle.

Thermoblock thermal cover - Stainless steel Thermoblock insulation stabilizes the thermal system to produce consistent heating and unlimited steaming at reduced power consumption. It also improves the machine’s durability by minimizing mineral buildup from the water flow.

Workspace lighting - Enjoy convenient lighting wherever your coffee machine is located.

Professional group head - Semi-pro espresso machine comes with a 58mm portafilter & wooden handle and a Tam-tamper.

This product includes:

  • 1x Ascaso Steel Duo PID Coffee Machine
  • 4x professional baskets  (2 traditional baskets, 2 pressurized baskets, and 1 ESE basket)
  • 1x Tamper
  • 1x blank basket
  • 1 x 58mm portafilter
  • 1 x Dosing spoon

The Specifics


Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, walnut wood


Thermoblock Technology

Water Reservoir


Tank or Plumbed

Tanked Only



Pump Pressure Adjustable

Yes - By OPV


YES - Brew & Steam


Dual Manometer




230 Volt 50Hz – 10amp - 2068W

Dimensions (w/h/d)

270 x 360 x 315 mm




Recommended Additions

Colours Available

  • Black & Wood
  • White & Wood
  • Silver & Wood