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Ascaso Dream PID Coffee Machine

Color: Sun Yellow

With its retro-inspired look and modern capabilities, the Ascaso Dream PID Coffee Machine is true to its name. Featuring professional controls in an easy-to-use interface and high-quality construction of aluminium, stainless steel, hardwood, and brass, the Ascaso Dream PID makes a fantastic investment for your home or office coffee nook.

PID Temperature Control - Full Customisation in Two Buttons

First on this professional coffee machine’s impressive list of features is the PID group temperature control. This electronic control panel allows multiple levels of customisation including one-degree changes in boiler temperature, steam control, chronometer function, programmable pre-infusion, and stand-by mode. The PID temperature control operates with just two buttons and a neat digital display that’s clear to read but doesn’t take away from the machine’s retro look.

External adjustments

In addition to the digital controls, the Ascaso Dream PID coffee machine also has simple-to-use and tactilely pleasing physical toggle switches for power, volumetric dose control, and water/steam control. There is also an overpressure valve that can be adjusted externally using a flathead screwdriver. Changes in pressure can be viewed through the manometer at the front of the machine.

Safety and longevity features

Designed for long-term usage, the Ascasa Dream PID espresso machine is built with features to improve safety while the machine is being used, as well as systems to slow down wear and tear. 

For starters, its multidirectional stainless steel steam wand has a heat-resistant nozzle for ease of use and to prevent burns. Inside, the machine also has a Thermoblock thermal cover to improve the thermal stability of the group and reduce power consumption. And at the back, the water reservoir is illuminated to make it easy to see the tank’s current water level.

Ascaso Dream PID Coffee Machine Features

PID Group Temperature Control - At the heart of this beautiful espresso machine is its group temperature control system that allows the barista to make important customisations to match their coffee-making technique in terms of boiler temperature, steam control, and pre-infusion -- all in one neat panel with a digital display. 

Tactilely-pleasing toggle switches - Adding to the Ascaso Dream PID espresso machine’s retro look and fun usability are physical toggle switches for volumetric dosing, power, and steam/water control.

Premium built - With is high-quality aluminium body, stainless steel steam wand, and brass filter holder, there is no question about its durability. Even the ergonomic wooden handles are made with real walnut wood!

Externally adjustable overpressure valve - The easy-to-reach adjustment for the pressure valve eliminates the need to open the espresso machine for pressure adjustment.

Heat-resistant steam nozzle - The multi-rotational stainless steel steam wand has a heat-resistant nozzle to prevent burns while using.

Thermoblock thermal cover - The Thermoblock insulation improves the stability of the thermal system helping produce unlimited steam, reduce power consumption, and increase longevity by preventing mineral buildup from the water.

Cup warmer on top - Keep your cups toasty and ready with the Dream PID’s coffee warmer located on top of the machine.

Versatile - The versatile mobile filter holder makes it using ESE coffee pods easy and convenient.

Professional group head - Aiming for the best professional results, the Ascaso Dream PID uses a pro 58mm portafilter. The machine also comes with a Tam-tamper -- a professionally-designed 57 mm aluminium coffee tamper by Marc Aranyó.

Illuminated water tank - The water reservoir at the back of the espresso machine has its own lighting which makes it easy to see the water levels and also adds a fun view at the machine from the back.

This product includes:

  •  1 x Ascaso Dream PID Coffee Machine
  • 5 x Professional baskets  (2 traditional baskets, 2 pressurized baskets, and 1 ESE basket)
  • 1 x 58mm portafilter
  • 1 x Tamper
  • 1 x blank basket
  • Dosing Spoon

The Specifics



Stainless steel, aluminium, brass, walnut wood


Thermoblock Technology

Water Reservoir


Tank or Plumbed

Tanked Only



Pump Pressure Adjustable

Yes - By OPV


YES - Brew & Steam


Dual Manometer




230 Volt 50Hz – 10 amp

Dimensions (w/h/d)

245 x 345 x 280 mm



Recommended Additions

Colours Available

  • Sun Yellow
  • Kid Blue
  • Love Red
  • Pistachio