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Ascaso Baby T Coffee Machine

Color: Black

Big performance in a small machine, that’s what the Ascaso Baby T offers. Ascaso brings the best features of its popular Barista T model to the compact body of the Baby T. From the PID and T controls, right down to its powerful steam wand, this delightful little coffee machine is capable of more than just making your morning coffee at home.

Baby T Zero & Baby T Plus

The Ascaso Baby T is available in two models, the first of which is the more compact Baby T Zero. Perfect for small homes or office kitchens, the Baby T Zero has all the bells and whistles of the Barista T but to keep it at the size that it is, the Baby T is placed with a vibration pump. 

On the other hand, the slightly taller Baby T Plus (which shares the same features as the Zero) is armed with a bigger and sturdier rotary pump.

Vibration pumps are at par with the rotary pumps in terms of achieving great results. However, the latter is quieter and tends to be more sturdy. Still, vibrations pumps are not so bad because while they may not be as durable, they are cheaper and easier to replace. 

Better controls at a lower power consumption

Thanks to Ascaso’s PID group temperature control and T control technologies, the Baby T coffee machines allow you to do more at lower power consumption. With the PID technology, you get to choose separate temperature settings for the boiler and steamer. Meanwhile, the T control gives you the ability to control the PID at a distance, from an app.

Thermal stability

Engineered for the best thermal stability possible in a coffee machine, the Ascaso Baby T promises consistent temperature as you use it so your steam wand is always powerful and your coffee never burns.

Ascaso Baby T Coffee Machine Features

T-control - Short for ‘Total control’, one of the ways the Baby T improves your power consumption is by letting you control the PID from an app.

PID control - Ascaso’s proprietary PID group temperature control allows you to set the boiler and steam temperatures separately for better control and to help ensure thermal stability in both the boiler groups.

Digital displays - Monitor the settings of each group boiler on two different digital displays.

Cleaner tasting coffee - By using stainless steel and drawing water direct from the mains, the Baby T coffee machines prevent using standing water, giving you fresher coffee each time.  

Energy-efficient - Thanks to its temperature group controls, the Baby T consumes 50% less energy than other models.

Cup warmer - Your cups are always warm and ready to go thanks to the cup warmer on top of the Baby T.

Backlit buttons - For ease of use anywhere, the buttons of the Baby T coffee machines are equipped with a backlight.

Ergonomic handles - Pull shot after shot with ease with the ergonomic handles of the Ascasa portafilters.

This product includes:

  • 1x Ascaso Baby Coffee Machine
  • 1x Single spout portafilter with wood handle
  • 1x Double spout portafilter with wood handle
  • 1x Single filter basket (7 g)
  • 1x Double filter basket (14 g)
  • 1x Single super cream filter (7 g)
  • 1x Double super cream filter(14 gr). Super cream. 1 1
  • 1x Blind filter
  • 1x Aluminium coffee press

The Specifics


Baby T Zero

Baby T Plus


Aluminium, Stainless Steel, 

Boiler Capacity

500ml Brew Boiler | 2.5L Steam Boiler

Water Reservoir

2L Tank

Tank or Plumbed

Tank Only

Tank & Plumbed




Pump Pressure Adjustable



Yes, Dual PID. Brew & Steam Boilers


Dual Manometer


Yes, Programmable


1200W 50-60Hz

Dimensions ( W/H/D) 

350 / 380 / 430mm

350 / 450 / 430mm