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Artisan Barista Jug Rinser

Jug Rinser An essential part of a coffee bar, but how does our jug rinser stand out? It doesn’t… With most cafes and coffee shops looking to minimalism their coffee bar we wanted to offer a jug rinser unit that blends well while keeping all parts of the operation in working order. The Artisan Barista jug rinser comes with a stainless steel star, fully tested rinser mechanism and braided hoses for water and waste. This rinser can be built in the bench or on top of the bench, with the help of the artisan barista jug rinser stand. All our products are coated in black automotive paint for that sleek minimal look. Features: - Small & Large sizes available - Stainless steel star - Braided hoses included - Removable top rinser system for easy cleaning - 5 hole sprinkler Specifications: Small: (17.8cm x 16.3cm x 6.5cm) (LxWxH) Large: (26.5cm x 16.2cm x 6.8cm) (LxWxH)