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Acme Brushed Stainless Teaspoons


Acme Brushed Stainless Teaspoons are the perfect spoon for any kitchen or cafe. They're one of the most beautifully designed and utilised spoons in many restaurants and cafes around the world. The heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes them very durable, but they're also lightweight and easy to hold. The brushed stainless steel finish looks fantastic in any setting.

A set of 12 brushed stainless steel spoons ensure you'll never run out of them again. Weighted elegantly from handle to head the spoon sits comfortably on a saucer without shifting around and falling off. These spoons are ideal tools as coffee spoons, sugar spoons, desert spoons or tea.

Acme Brushed Stainless Teaspoons - 12pk FEATURES

12 Spoons per Pack – Fill the draw with spoons so you never run out during service.

Durable Brushed Stainless – Reliable and tough stainless construction for longevity and shine.

Used Worldwide – Used in many cafes and kitchens, Acme are famous for cups and cutlery. Well Weighted – With a sturdy hand and solid head, the spoon rests well on a saucer.

Dishwasher Friendly – Made to withstand commercial use and can be easily cleaned.


  • 12 x Acme Brushed Stainless Teaspoons


Material Brushed Stainless Steel
Dimensions (L) 125mm
Weight 2.5g
Amount per Pack 12