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Acaia Pearl S Lock


Keep your Acaia Pearl scales safe with the Acaia Pearl Scale Security Lock. This lock is super easy to set up. Attach it to a Kensington Lock and place it in front of your scales. Everyone knows how annoying it is when someone steals your weights so this lock will stop them from doing that. 

The lock has steel construction, comes with the tools to attach it and is suitable for use on the Acaia Pearl S Brewing Scale. If you have a bunch of expensive scales that you don’t want to see disappear then this is the solution for you.

It is Stainless Steel, designed to secure the expensive scales, making it impossible for someone to steal, can't knock them off the bench and lock the scales in place or attached to a cable connected to a Kensington lock.

Acaia Pearl S Lock Features

Safety for your Scales – Secure your scales so you don’t have them knocked off.

Easy to Attach – From the bottom of the scales, the plate will attach secure to a wire.

Connect via Kensington Lock – Most used with demo electronic devices in stores, these are readily bought on-line.


  • Pearl S Lock
  • Screw
  • Hex Key



Stainless Steel


Acaia Pearl S Brewing Scales


60mm (W) x 15mm (L) x 14mm (H)