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Acaia Lunar Scales

Original price $439.00
Current price $349.00

Take your espresso brewing to the next level of precision with the acaia lunar interactive scale. Sized perfectly to pair with most espresso machines, the newest acaia scale allows you to measure and quantify just about every aspect of your espresso brewing process. Equipped with bluetooth technology, you can interact and record data from your scale using one of acaia's integrated apps for your smartphone. Reference back to all your previous brews or even share your experiences with friends and other coffee fanatics.


  • LED Display and Touch Buttons - Dual display shows the weight and timer in an easy to read format and the touch-sensitive buttons provide a sleek modern look that is easy to wipe clean.

  • Built Tough - The premium aluminum casing provides for added durability and style!

  • Water-Resistant - Built to prevent damage from liquids like coffee and water, even when fully submerged. You can use it right in your espresso machine's drip tray with no fear of damage.

  • Also Included - 100 g acaia calibration weight, micro-USB cable for charging and a heat resistant pad for added protection of your scale.

  • Water Protection - Although not considered water-proof (you can't easily weigh things underwater!), the acaia lunar Espresso Scale is designed to prevent against liquid damage. acacia likes to call it "Barista-proof", so feel free to use your Lunar scale in the drip tray and brew espresso without fear.

  • Calibration is Key - Keep your acaia scale in top form and precision with the 100 g calibration weight included in every package.

  • Analyzing the Data - Log, track and analyze all of your brewing data using one of acaia's compatible apps. Their Brewmaster app is perfect for tracking espresso shots just like the professionals!