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Acaia Atlas Brew Stand


The perfect way to brew in style, the Acia Atlas Brew Stand is a sturdy and lightweight stand that’s designed as the perfect fit for Acia Brewing Scales. It holds most drippers and Aeropress / Delter Coffee Press and is constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy.

A brew stand is a must for any barista coffee enthusiast who wants to take their coffee brewing to the next level. The Atlas Brew Stand is designed for two scale set up, either placing a set of scales, such as the Acaia Lunar under the brewing vessel, or a set of Acaia Pearl Scales under the entire brew stand.

This unique brew stand setup will allow you to use two sets of scales for the ultimate weighing experience, where you can track your brewed coffee in the vessel from the Lunar scale, whilst keeping an eye in the overall brew weight including water that has yet to flow all the way through the coffee with the Pearl Scales.

Everyone’s brewing with scales these days and the Acaia Atlas Brew Stand is the perfect solution for setting up a brew bar with a friend and sharing in the experience of an excellent cup of coffee while you brew and share notes on your latest roast.

Acaia Atlas Brew Stand Features

Brew with Ease – Use the Stand with all your favorite drippers and brewers.

Designed for a two-scale brewing setup – In combination using two scales for the ultimate in brewing feedback.

Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction – Can withstand pressing down when using an Aeropress.

Easy to Assemble – Comes disassembled, but takes 5 minutes to put together. 


  • Acaia Atlas Brew Stand & Base
  • Screws x 6
  • Hex Key x 1
  • Non-Slip Rubber Dots x 8




Stand Weight


Compatible With

Hario V60, Kinto, Kalita, Origami & Espro Drippers

Aeropress | Delter Coffee Press | Trinity Zero


W156mm x L122mm x H163 mm


  • Acaia Lunar Scales
  • Acaia Pearl Brewing Scales
  • Acaia Calibration Weight