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1zpresso K-Plus Coffee Grinder


Amazing coffee requires expert grinding. The 1zpresso K-Plus Coffee Grinder is the full package as a manual, high precision, conical burr grinder made for both espresso and filter grinding. It features an external grind size adjustment ring, 48mm stainless steel conical specialised ‘K Burrs’ with a fixed inner burr for better alignment and consistency. With the portafilter dosing option you can now easily grind for your espresso machine no mess.

The precision crafted K-plus has a focus on consistent grinds for brewing balanced and delicious coffee, whether it’s for an Espresso Machine or manual brewing and does so with an impressive heptagonal K-burr design. An External Grind Size Adjustment Ring, with 90 audible clicks per rotation of the ring, allows you to quickly change the grind size without having to disassemble the grinder. 22µ grind size adjustments are made each click.

A removable Magnetic Catch Cup makes for simple brewing pleasure with an in-built tool that offers the ability to place the catch cup over your brewer or a 58mm portafilter and remove the base so your grounds fall evenly and cleanly into the basket with no inversion of the cup nescerry. 

The K-Plus has been designed as a high end level grinder for all coffee lovers seeking exceptional taste and quality. With a full list of tools accompanying the grinder including a cleaning brush, cleaning blower and anti-slip mat, all bundled up in an easy to adventure protective carry case. The K-Plus is incredibly user friendly and designed to make your life easy.

1zpresso K-Plus Coffee Grinder Features

Grinds for All Brewing Methods – Capable of grinding for Turkish coffee all the way to cold brew.

48mm Specialised ‘K-Burr’ Design – Increase grind size consistency and ultimately the taste of your coffee.

Magnetic Catch Cup – With an easy dosing option of a removable base. Great for espresso or filter.

40g Capacity – Plenty of room for the biggest batches, it grind quickly and efficiently. 

Full Tool Kit included – Comes with Brush, Blower and mat. All stored away in a travel carry case.

90 Stepped Grind Adjustments – Outside Grind Dial makes for quick and simple adjustment to be precise.

Easy to Disassemble – No tools needed to disassemble to clean and straightforward to put back together. 


  • 1Zpresso K-Plus Hand Grinder
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Blower
  • Anti-slip Rubber Mat
  • 1Zpresso Travel Case


  • Materials: Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Wood
  • Burrs: 48mm Conical Stainless Steel ‘K Burrs’ (Heptagonal Burr shape)
  • Adjustment: Stepped | 90 clicks / per rotation | 22µ per click
  • Capacity: 40g
  • Weight: 800g
  • Dimensions: (H) 18.5cm x (ø) 6.2cm x Handle: (L) 15cm