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1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Grinder


1Zpresso JX-Pro is one of the most high end manual hand coffee grinders made, sturdy yet precise, and handcrafted for the coffee lover who demands a better brew. The 48mm Conical Stainless steel burrs are put onto a stepped system, offering a wide range of grind sizes that allow for Espresso and Filter Coffee Brewing. 

With 12.5µ Grind Size adjustment / per click on the adjustment dial, the extra fine grind adjustment can be set precisely as you need it for the perfect flow rate. 40 clicks per rotation ensures there loads of range and accuracy when adjusting the grind you need. Audible clicks at each adjustment allow you to make simple single adjustments at a time.

The body of the 1Zpresso JX-Pro is made from durable Aluminium-Alloy, equipped with a Silicone grip wrapped on the outside assists in a comfortable and effortless grinding action. Grinding is fast and efficient so you won't have to wait long to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

1Zpresso JX-Pro Hand Grinder Features

48mm Conical Steel Burrs – Large Conical burrs for fast and easy grinding.

40 Stepped Adjustments Per Rotation – With 12.5µ grind size per rotation means super precise control over your grind. 

Grinds for Espresso & Filter – Capable of even Turkish grind, all the way coarse to French Press or Cold Brewing.

35g Hopper Capacity – Medium Size Capacity, plenty for espresso and large for 2-4 cup pour overs.

Sturdy Build – Feels incredibly well made and durable enough to take on any adventure.

Drive Shaft & Inner Burr Fused – For more consistency in the grind, making wobbling less of an issue.


  • 1Zpresso JX-Pro Coffee Grinder
  • Grinds Brush


  • Materials: Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Silicone, Wood
  • Burrs: 48mm Conical Stainless Steel Burrs
  • Capacity: 35g
  • Weight: 780g
  • Dimensions: (H) 18cm x (ø) 5.7cm x Handle: (L) 13cm