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1zpresso Grinder Case


The 1zpresso Grinder Case is the ideal companion for traveling with your 1zpresso grinder. It’s reliable, durable and can handle all the bumps and bruises that might come your way during a journey. The nylon build provides extra support to the grinder, while also protecting it from getting scratched or damaged in any other way. 

Extra velcro support helps to ensure a firm fit for your hand grinder, making sure it will be transported safely while not risking any damage from being too loose. This case also has room for your handle and some extra space for beans, filters or a small set of scales. Capable of fitting any 1zpresso Grinder, it comes available as a travel bag or slimline cylinder case.

1zpresso Grinder Case Features

Ideal Bag to Protect your Grinder – Your grinder is the centerpiece for brewing good coffee. Protect it in a case whilst traveling. 

Durable Nylon Build – Tough to withstand your next adventure whilst keeping your grind safe from bumps and scratches.

Extra Space inside – Store beans, a scale or your filters along with a Grinder.

Reliable Zips – Protects your investment. 


  • 1zpresso Grinder Case


  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 250g
  • Dimensions: 
    • Travel Case: (L) 23 x (W) 18 x (H) 8.2 cm
    • Cylinder Case: (ø) 11 x (L) 26 cm
  • Materials: PC Nylon



  • Travel Case
  • Cylinder Case