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Kone Coffee Filter


The Able Kone coffee filter is the 3rd generation reusable pour over coffee filter with many upgraded features.

It is a reusable filter designed to be used with the Chemex brewing system, the Kone brewing system and similar larger types of round filter pourover brewers.  This filter excels because it allows more oils and a richer, fuller bodied cup of coffee compared to those brewed with paper filters.  Reusable = less waste and mess.  All it takes is a quick rinse under hot water to keep the smooth stainless steel filter clean.


  • Fits KONE Brewing System
  • Fits standard 6,8 and 10 cup Chemex® Coffee Makers
  • Stainless steel photo etched filter media
  • Food safe plastic structure support ring
  • Flat cone tip for safety
  • 100% Made in USA by Able Brewing


1 x Able Kone Coffee Filter


  • Mini Kone Compatible with: Hario V60 Cone Brewers
  • Standard Kone Compatible With: Chemex (6, 8, 10-Cup), Kone Brewing System

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